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How Bliss Was Born

Fresh-minded from just completing a conference on creating your ideal life, Amanda and I were buzzing and humming with good energy. Spending a weekend listening to inspirational speakers and shedding our mommy/wife roles for a skinny minute, we felt momentarily refreshed and alive. For the first time in years, we reconnected with ourselves, and we were literally vibrating with joy. Little did we know, we were taking our first giddy steps on our journey of spirituality.

On the car ride home, we were talking intently about our passions and curiosities. Amanda said she liked the ideas of spirituality that we had encountered in the conference, as well as writing. I echoed these curiosities, and it was then that the idea of a blog on spirituality was born.

Because Amanda and I are both moms, our first instinct was to target our blog exclusively to moms, but as we continued to explore our ideas, we realized our reach was wider and more inclusive. This spiritual journey is for everyone: moms, dads, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, anyone with a beating heart and open mind.

The name HelloBliss signifies an awakening: a casual, yet profound, greeting to the joy and peace that is already within us.

As children, we were always joyfully and gloriously in the moment. As adults, we have become disconnected from that joy by the layers of life, responsibility, and general self-neglect that we all experience. The truth is that we have everything we need within us to find our true purpose and experience everyday bliss. We just need to acknowledge it and summon it forward. HelloBliss recognizes our true nature is happiness, and our spiritual journey is simply to coax it back out of our souls, dust it off, and live simply in that truth.

Amanda and I are using this blog to reconnect with ourselves and cultivate an appreciation for the mystery and beauty around us. HelloBliss is also an invitation to all of you to join us in co-creating the lives we want and being grateful for the many blessings in our lives. Our goal is to create a forum dedicated to exploring ideas of spirituality that will enrich us all: gratitude, meditation, forgiveness, mindfulness, and beyond. We hope this blog serves as a powerful prompt to embrace your life, follow your curiosities, and be conscious of the everyday miracles that surround us all.


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