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Listen to the Whispers

I’m talking about listening to that quiet, calm voice within, the one that gently and reassuringly guides in a moment of doubt.
This year, I’m bringing a touch of Halloween to New Year’s. My New Year’s resolution is to listen to the whispers. Before you get all creeped out, I’m not talking about communicating with departed souls or flesh-eating zombies. I’m talking about listening to that quiet, calm voice within, the one that gently and reassuringly guides in a moment of doubt or indecision.

It’s that voice deep within your core that purrs, with no judgment, “Yes, do that,” or “No, probably best to avoid that.” Please don’t confuse this sweet whisper with the self-critical inner voice that some of us have. We all have several fascinating and theatric levels of inner voices within us. Be assured this whisper is not telling us we are fat, useless, mom-jeans-wearing people. This is a kind voice, full of wisdom and always nurturing the truth and the deepest expression of ourselves.

The whisper might say, with all your best interests at heart, “Honey, for God’s sake, don’t drink that third glass of wine and definitely do not take a spoon to that tub of frosting.”

It softly admonishes, “Hmmm…don’t trust that fast-talking guy” and “Sweetie, do you really need another battery-powered, remote-controlled, cool-to-the-touch pillow?”

It might toss you a bold life-changer, nudging you to end a relationship or change your career path.

It encourages too: “Oh, by all means try THAT!” or “Say what you feel.” When you’re tired, it says, simply, “Go to sleep.” When you’re talking too much, it flutters below the surface, ” Shhhh….listen now.” Or, when you’ve backed something or someone into a corner and there’s nowhere to go, it whispers, “Let it go.”

Listen to the whispers.

Once you start listening, you’ll notice that the whisper is not always a voice. Sometimes it manifests itself with a physical sensation or an emotional bippity-bump. It’s the hairs on the back of your neck telling you to proceed with caution or the chill bumps accompanying a beautiful story. It’s that feeling when an inspired idea hits you and your soul lights up like a colorful marquee.

Often, we don’t listen to this voice, although it’s hard to say why. Even though we know better, we often plow through, ignoring our instincts. We crush on like hungry bulldozers, turning the volume down on ourselves and going in endless circles until we end up burned out and wondering how we got to this empty, barren field, so far from home.

Maybe we don’t listen to the whispers because it takes too much courage to live the full, true life that our soul is calling us to. Maybe we’re too busy neatly crafting and building our lives to please someone else instead of ourselves.
No matter. This year, I’m going to listen to the whispers and see where they take me.

At base, isn’t listening to the whispers really what every New Year’s resolution is? Lose weight, go to the gym, eat better, stop smoking, have more fun, read more books, get started on that long-neglected dream. Those are the whispers. That’s your soul talking to you, knocking on your heart, reminding you whom you are called to be.

It’s your choice whether you will listen.

What would happen if you spent the next year listening to your instincts and letting the whispers guide you? Would it take you on new adventures? Would it lead you to realize how blessed you are already? Would it take you a few steps beyond your fear?

As my eight-year-old says, “Gulp!”

The best thing about listening to the whispers is the simplicity. There’s no need for grandiose plans to discover the new, fabulous YOU. It’s not at the bottom of a tub of wrinkle cream; it’s not in a stinky gym. We don’t have to look outward for guidance and clarity. We already have all the answers we need, right inside ourselves.

That is the best news ever, folks. It’s revolutionary! I’m not saying it’s going to be easy (revolutions never are), but following your heart may re-introduce you to your long lost soul-mate and best buddy: Yourself. I think it will feel really good to get reacquainted.

Listen to the whispers.

Happy Halloween…err New Years!


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  1. Anonymous #


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    January 11, 2016
  2. Anonymous #

    This is a good one! “BE AWARE of what you think.” Sometimes it’s good leadership…and sometimes those whispers are not so good leadership. If we don’t stop to notice, we won’t ask the question. Thanks Emily.

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    January 18, 2016

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