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It’s been one of those weeks. I’ve been going and going for what feels like forever. Coordinating, driving, delivering, planning, buying, parenting, cooking, negotiating life. The list goes on and on. Just like all of your agendas I imagine. Now, here I am writing to you what is supposed to be an inspirational, uplifting, seize the day, rah-rah blog post.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have it in me. I haven’t been inspired this week. I’ve been getting through this week. There have been moments of delight, joy, lots of love, and some fun. If I’m being honest, I am thrilled that this week is over. I survived, t’s crossed and i’s dotted. I don’t have a vignette to share about an aha! moment or a lesson learned. I kept my commitments, provided help, cheered on my children, and made some edible meals. I didn’t fall asleep during my kid’s field trip, homework got turned in, and I kept my cool (most of the time) when my daughter melted down about everything. We made it to Friday. For this week that is enough.

We are now officially on spring break, which means nine full days of the kids at home to be entertained and refereed. Hopefully, I’ll be struck by some life-changing epiphanies, enjoy  a bit of relaxation, and make a few happy memories. I’ll live in the moment rather than living to get through them like I did this week. Or maybe I’ll barely escape without losing my shit over my kids’ whining and complaining. I’ll likely be saying, “Thank God it’s Monday!”

Either way, I’m eager to slow down and greet what comes my way—whatever it is. I’m hoping for some extra sleep, a good bottle of wine, unhurried cuddles, and patience to play like a kid with my kids. Oh yeah, some quality time with my DVR would be nice too; I’m certain it misses me.


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