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Happy Cat

Our pets can be such wise souls, placed into our lives at just the right time to teach us what we need to know.

After years of balking and stalling, the hubs and I finally gave in to our children’s pleas for a pet. Last month, we adopted an adorable black and white, three-month-old kitten. The kids named her Kaylie, and she is extraordinary so far. I say extraordinary because she allows the kids to wrap her up in blankets, put homemade princess crowns on her head, and stuff her in their book bags. All while purring.

This cat is the epitome of happiness; without a doubt, she’s the Buddha of kittens. Here’s what she’s taught me in the past few weeks:

  1. May your first instinct be love.

Within minutes of picking Kaylie up from the Humane Society, she looked us up and down and gave us a tiny satisfied meow. Then, she curled up in her car carrier and immediately fell asleep. Keep in mind, she had just been ripped from her foster home and placed in the precarious care of complete strangers, two of whom were pet-starved children ready to stuff her in their book bags.

Once home, she hid under the couch for about five minutes before coming out and hopping onto my daughter’s lap, where the purring motor commenced. She spent the rest of the day lap-hopping from one of us to the next, staring at us with love in her eyes.

Without knowing us, her first instinct was to love, trust, and accept us.

2. When in doubt, take a nap.

This cat basically sleeps all day. Even as the kids tote her around, throwing her over their shoulders like a tiny bag of flour, she manages to get some shut-eye. When she finally gets a moment to herself, she immediately goes into slumber mode. I’m drowsy just looking at her.

After her twelfth nap of the day, she wakes up, refreshed. Ten minutes later, her eyes start to droop and her big kitty yawn announces its naptime yet again.

Without a doubt, we all need more downtime in our lives.

  1. Play

Once 9pm hits, all those naps have clearly paid off because Kaylie becomes a dancing-cat-queen, crazy-eyed maniac. She chases pieces of wadded-up-paper as if it were her job. She attacks her image in the glass doors, repeatedly. She tries to swing from the branches of the potted plants. She carries her toy mouse around like a determined huntress, joyously ripping it to shreds. She slides along the hardwood floors like a feline Footloose movie star.

This girl knows how to let loose and have fun.

  1. Be in the moment

While the rest of us pay big money for relaxing spa retreats, Kaylie finds a free, sunny spot on the floor and sprawls on her back. She stares out the window and watches the trees sway in the breeze.  She swats and chases a rubberband around on the floor. She sits contentedly on the back porch and sniffs the air. Whatever she’s doing, she gives it her full attention.

I can assure you she’s not worried about what happened yesterday or what’s going to happen tomorrow.

That’s because Kaylie is a Zenmaster.

  1. Be independent.

Kaylie survives and thrives on her own. Frequently, she wiggles out of everyone’s grasp and takes some much-needed “me” time. She naps, chases her tail, grooms herself, and finds really great hiding places.

Sometimes, we all need to find a comfy spot in the closet and hide for a few hours.

Our pets can be such wise souls, placed into our lives at just the right time to teach us what we need to know. And despite the fact that she just scratched our leather chair and her litter box odor is permeating the house like an atomic stink bomb, we’re happy she’s a part of our family.

Be like Kaylie. Love. Take a nap. Play. Be in the moment. Be independent.



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