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I am a glass half-full kind of a girlI am a glass half-full kind of girl; optimistic almost to the point of naivety—almost, I say. I tend to think things are easier than they end up being; that people will do, give, and tolerate more than they usually do; and that everything really does happen for a reason that ultimately ends up for the best. I believe in the goodness, the loving core, that resides in all of us. And, I believe that love wins.

Right now, though, even this uber-optimist is questioning the world we live in, the motivations of the people in power, and where we are all going to end up. It’s difficult to understand how this path we are on leads to prosperity of any kind, least of all compassionate human interaction. How can people who spew hate and insults bring communities together? How can governments be led by individuals with absolutely no experience, knowledge, or sadly grace? How does love win in a world where terrorism, drug abuse, and hostility are the norm?

Perhaps, we are being challenged to rise up and use our voices. To stop idly complaining about all that is broken or failing and demand change, or better yet, create it. To realize the full power of our vote. Is the state of the world our wake-up call from complacency, entitlement, and indifference in regards to government, community, and humanity? Only time will tell how we all respond and ultimately fare.

I, like the individuals nominated to run our country, am no authority—not in politics, business, nor in writing. I am also no expert on bliss, life lived in the moment, meditation, parenting, or anything this blog is about. I don’t have the answers because I am constantly grappling with them too. I am every day seeking my purpose. I’m trying to determine what I am meant to do; who I am meant to be; and how I can best share values, manners, and morals with my children. I am constantly reminding myself to breathe through my impatience and anger; blindly navigating the perplexing puzzle of parenting, marriage, and relationships with family and friends; and coming to terms with my own expectations and self-criticisms, while disregarding judgments from others.

When it’s time to write a post, I feel immense pressure to weave an insightful story that will inspire you, move you, and share my deep thoughts on a purpose-filled life. To say I have been unmotivated to sit down and put my thoughts to screen is an understatement. Yes, there’s been a whirling chaos of children, holidays, school breaks, and plain old activity since November; but my reluctance to write has deeper roots than the everyday hustle and bustle.

Alas, I am no expert, and posing as one does not suit me. What I am is a student, observer, overachiever, and again, an optimist. Toward that end, I am constantly seeking to capture the instances that set my heart aglow and remind me of the wonder of life—the instances that make our hearts sing and remind us how truly spectacular every breath is.

These moments that happen to me and around me is what I can share with you through my posts. I want to use my writing to lift up and shine a spotlight on the miracles big and small that I happen to catch and appreciate. Going forward, please don’t expect deep thoughts, life lessons, or even prompts toward a new way of thinking or living. Do expect a joyful experience packaged in a sweet story. A focus toward the amazing, wonderful, and positive, rather than the negativity that surrounds us. Hopefully, the vignettes will touch your soul, make you smile, and best of all help you appreciate your own flashes of bliss.


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