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This site chronicles our spiritual journey to embrace our lives, awaken to our true purpose, and seek joy each and every day. We invite you to join us on this path of conscious living.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is our fire to discover our true essence. It is our desire and power to live the life we are meant to live, to become and BE who we are, to fulfill our greatest potential. It is the beacon that whispers to us to dig deeper, that guides our morals and values, and that encourages us to look beyond the material world for true meaning.

Spirituality is not religion or the differences in our beliefs, but rather the connectivity that ties every living being throughout the universe as we all journey to find inner peace and security in who we really are.

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About Emily:


As a wife, mother, attorney, and recovering perfectionist, I often feel like life is swirling around me, leaving me little time for reflection and even less time for personal growth. This blog is a chance for me to press <pause>, lift my head out of the self-imposed fog of frenetic busy-ness, and chart my own spiritual path. I am admittedly a work in progress and invite you to join me as we indulge together in a magnificent journey of joy, gratitude, purpose, and (of course) bliss.

Emily: Hello bliss.
Bliss: Hi Emily.
Emily: You have been eluding me.
Bliss: I’ve been here all along, waiting…
Emily: Nobody likes a smartass, Bliss.
Bliss: No, seriously, I’ve haven’t seen you since you were 9. Where have you been?
Emily: Well, I’ve been busy. Career, kids, car payments, broccoli casseroles. You know, domestic bliss without the bliss.
Bliss: Ouch. I’m glad you found your way back.
Emily: Yes! Hello bliss!

About Amanda:


Since my eldest child was born eight years ago, my life has centered around my kids. I gave up my job in the nonprofit communications game to change diapers, play peek-a-boo, and never miss nap time—theirs, not mine. Now, I’m heeding an inner call to give some essentials back to myself: time, stillness, focus, challenge, and fun. A better balance between my own life and my need to nurture is long overdue, and something I wish I had safeguarded. I hope to inspire others to never lose themselves in motherhood, careers, or other relationships. Yet, always the mom, finding ways to highlight kindness, gratitude, stillness, and self-worth has become my new mission, which I hope to share with you, too, through this blog.

We welcome your comments, thoughts, and suggestions. You can contact us at:


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